Daytime workshop and social event 2017

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BiFest Wales 2017
Saturday 13th May 2017, The Theatre, 1st Floor, Swansea YMCA, 1 The Kingsway, Swansea
12 noon until 6pm – daytime workshop, social, meeting and information space.

Entry: £2
Pay on the door (at the entrance to the Theatre on the first floor) only, no advance tickets
Under 16s FREE entry. Must be accompanied by an adult.

Evening event – doors: 7:30pm, first live act 7:45pm, ends 11:45pm. Entry: £4 (Under 16s free. Under 18s must be accompanied by a responsible adult) – more information on the evening event is here.

Day and evening entry: £5 if paid together.

Main room (the Theatre) – all day
Registration – starts at 12 noon in the entrance to the main room. Please note you need to register and pay the £2 entry fee (£5 day and evening together), or register for free entry for under 16s, to receive a badge and be allowed into workshops or the main room.
Craft space – Build your own ideal bisexual, colouring books and craft materials, get together and knit or bring your own craft ideas.
Bisexual information zone – If it’s bi related in the UK and we can get our hands on it then find out about it here.
Community information zone – Information from equalities groups, LGBT groups, charities, community groups, public services and more. Please note we do not have space for individual organisations to have their own stalls, all information is together on a few tables at the side of the room, except for 1 or 2 stalls for organisations that sponsor the event. Contact us for information about sponsorship opportunities from £50 to £200.
Meet and Mingle table – A space to meet and chat to people you’ve never met before as well as some friendly faces. If you sit at this table it means anyone is welcome to join in conversations. It’s a way to meet new people. Please make newcomers feel welcome in all conversations.
Chill out and social space
Refreshments – a selection of hot and cold soft drinks and some cakes, biscuits and snacks are in the room. Please help yourselves. There is a small amount of vegan and gluten free snacks, so please keep these for people with dietary requirements.

Raffle tickets are just 20p each or £1 a strip (5 chances to win!) A list of prizes is on reception. Pay for tickets on reception or someone will be walking around with tickets on sale.
Can’t be with us until the end? No worries, names and phone numbers can be written on the back of tickets and we’ll contact you after BiFest Wales if you’ve won.
All money raised helps to make BiFest Wales a success, keep entry prices down and any surplus supports the work of Bi Cymru/Wales, Bi Cardiff and Bi Swansea, which are constituted community groups with charitable aims.

There will be a range of workshops in a room next to the theatre and the the 2 rooms at the end of the first floor from 12:30pm until 6pm.
We’re in the process of confirming the workshops for 2017.  We are grateful to all the volunteers who’ve offered to run workshops. We rely on volunteers to make BiFest Wales a success and to keep entry prices low. If you have an idea for a workshop for  BiFest Wales 2017 please email us 

There will be 2 streams of workshops running throughout the day:

  • Workshops on bisexual issues and topics, activism, campaigns, and other topics
  • Games, getting to know you, and craft workshops

The timetable for BiFest Wales 2017 has now been confirmed:

Workshop timetable


Workshop Room 1

Workshop Room 2

12:30 – 1:15pm

All about bisexuality

1:15 – 2pm

BREAK (refreshments and socialising in the Theatre)

2pm – 2:45

Bisexuality in Welsh History

Speed friending

3pm – 3:45

Domestic abuse and bisexuality – Age restriction: 16+. Content warning – sexually explicit and emotionally intense

Fitting and Misfitting in communities

4pm – 4:45

Getting involved


5pm – 5:45

Living as bi in a gay and straight world

Make your own cat ears or floral headband

6 -7:30pm

BREAK for sound check – Only organisers and performers stay.

7:30pm – 11:30pm

Live music event and DJs in the Theatre (main BiFest room)

Workshop descriptions
All about bisexuality
An introductory workshop at the start of BiFest Wales talking about different definitions of bisexuality, the bi community and events in Wales and the UK. Followed by a chance to ask those awkward questions you always wanted to, but didn’t feel comfortable to ask or didn’t know who to ask or anything you want to know or discuss.

Speed Friending
A version of classic speed dating, but intended to help people find friends with similar interests and people you may want to continue chatting with later on or in the social. Very informal and open to people of all ages.

Bisexuality in Welsh history
Norena Shopland from Draig Enfys LGBT Welsh history project . From the earliest times to the present there have been famous bisexual people in Wales. Who were they? Come and hear their fascinating stories as Norena Shopland introduces you to some people from Bi Wales’ past.

Fitting and Mis-fitting in communities
A fun, interactive workshop, which will look at how people identify themselves beyond their sexual orientation. Where do you fit into the bi community? Do you feel alone or that you’re not the same as everyone else? This session will allow people to find other people with similar interests and make friends.

Domestic Abuse and Bisexuality
Dynamics of domestic abuse are becoming more understood, especially around non-violent types of abuse and coercion and control. However this is still based around heterosexual and usually female victim models. How does sexuality factor in domestic abuse experiences? What types of abuse are particular to bisexual victims? What help is available and how can we improve professional understanding?
Content warning: Sexually explicit and emotionally intense content
Age restriction: 16+

A session playing fun, interactive and getting to know you games with other BiFest Wales attendees.

Getting involved
This workshop will discuss ways you can get involved in the Bi community in Wales and how we can make it better together. Roles discussed include making local groups happen, getting involved in BiFest Wales 2018, helping out at stalls and events, and a variety of areas from design and translation to talking to others.

Make your own cat ears or floral headband
Suitable for all ages. Get together and make a fun cat ears or floral headband at the craft table. Instruction and guidance and materials provided. Donations welcome towards materials, but not needed.

Living as bi in a gay and straight world
This is an interactive workshop, which has been run several times before very successfully. This workshop explores the reactions to bisexuality from both the gay and straight communities and looks at how different people cope with being bisexual in a world that is often viewed as either gay or straight. This is your chance to say how it is for you and hear from other people.

Download the BiFest Wales daytime handbook, timetable and workshop descriptions here:
BiFest Wales 2017 – Handbook and workshop timetable (English)

BiFest Wales 2017 – Handbook and workshop timetable (Cymraeg)

Meeting people at the train station
Our volunteer, Sarah, has offered to meet people at Swansea train station before BiFest Wales.
She’ll be holding a sign saying BiFest Wales
Sarah will be at Swansea train station from around 11:20am until 12:05pm to meet people off the trains.
She’ll walk people over to Swansea YMCA in time to register and be at the first workshop.
A map with walking directions is also in the venue, travel and accommodation section.

There’s also pages in this section of our website on:

Posters and flyers for the event will be available to download here soon:
We’re extremely grateful to anyone who can pass leaflets onto their friends or colleagues or display posters at work or to the public. Email to request copies and we’ll meet you or post copies to you if you are unable to print them in colour and in the stated sizes.

Thank you to Mat Robinson-Burt (who also volunteers for for volunteering design work and to Huw Garan ( for volunteering Welsh translation.

Posters and leaflets
BiFest Wales relies on the support of people who are interested, supporters, individuals and organisations to spread the word and get people involved.
Leaflets and posters for you to print and display or download and send  by email to your contacts will be available here soon.
If you cannot print in colour on the stipulated size for whatever reason please contact and we’ll arrange to meet you or send you copies asap.
We are extremely grateful to anyone who’s happy to give leaflets to their friends, put a poster up at work, or spread the word any way you can.

Many thanks to our volunteer designer:

Please feel free to print posters and leaflets or contact us for copies.

A6 single double-sided flyer

A6 flyer 4 per sheet. To be printed doub;e-sided on A4

BiFest Wales 2017 A6 flyer 4 per sheet Page 1 BiFest Wales 2017 A6 flyer 4 per sheet page 2
A6_4 per sheet Page2-2017   A6_page1

A3 bilingual colour poster

BiFest Wales 2017 - A3 poster - bilingual

A4 colour poster (English only)

BiFest Wales 2017 A4 Poster - English  BiFest Wales 2017 A4 Poster-English

A4 colour poster (Cymraeg/Welsh only)

BiFest Wales 2017 - A4 Poster - Cymraeg  BiFest Wales 2017 – A4 Poster – Cymraeg