BiFest Wales

BiFest Wales 2015 leaflet - front cover photo

BiFest Wales – a history

BiFests are one-day events celebrating bisexuality, for bisexual people, people attracted to more than one gender, and bi supportive people. Originating in London, it has now spread to several other UK locations.

Wales has had a BiFest since 2010, although it was originally in Cardiff in 2010 and 2011. After a year off in 2012 BiFest Wales has moved to Swansea, where the support of Swansea YMCA helped us to keep entry prices down and make the event affordable.

After a successful, if small, event on 5th October 2013 BiFest Wales returned to Swansea YMCA on Saturday 10th May 2014 and added an evening live alternative music gig to the programme.

2014 , 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 were successful events, although costs are rising and we currently run at a loss covered by committee donating personally to cover the loss.

BiFest Wales is now a regular, annual event, usually on the second or third Saturday of May.

Unfortunately, due to the current COVID-19 outbreak we have had to take the decision to postpone BiFest Wales / Bi Pride Local 2020. We will announce a new date when we know more, as time progresses.
Access and inclusion are priorities for us, so we cannot run an event which excludes older and disabled people or puts people at risk.
Stay safe and look after each other in this difficult time. We have now decided that it is not safe to run BiFest Wales in 2020. We hope to return in 2021 on our usual date – 2nd or 3rd weekend of May.

Will I be welcome at BiFest Wales?
BiFest Wales welcomes anyone bi supportive. Although BiFests are bisexual community events, themed around bisexuality and promoting a safe, inclusive space with discussions around bisexuality, we welcome anyone who’s supportive of bisexuality and bi people. This includes:

  • Bi people
  • People who are questioning or think they may be bi or attracted to more than one gender
  • Pansexual / romantic, Polysexual  / romantic, Multisexual / romantic, Onmisexual / romantic, biromantic etc. people
  • People attracted to more than one gender who use a different term or no term at all
  • Partners
  • Friends
  • Families
  • Organisations
  • Allies
  • And anyone who’s interested in coming along and learning more or sharing in the event, whether bi, lesbian, gay, straight, or another term.

Posters and leaflets
BiFest Wales relies on the support of people who are interested, supporters, individuals and organisations to spread the word and get people involved.
Leaflets and posters for you to print and display or download and send  by email to your contacts for the 2020 BiFest Wales / Bi Pride Local event will be added here when we confirm the new date.

If you cannot print in colour on the stipulated size for whatever reason please contact and we’ll arrange to meet you or send you copies asap.
We are extremely grateful to anyone who’s happy to give leaflets to their friends, put a poster up at work, or spread the word any way you can.

Please feel free to print posters and leaflets or contact us for copies.

Coming soon


More information
Check out the page on venue, travel and accommodation for maps, travel information and a list of hotels in Swansea here
There’s more details on the evening event here
There’s more details on the daytime event here
For information on access, dietary requirements, and arrangements for families click here

Stalls from other organisations
We have very limited individual stalls available to funded LGBTI+ organisations, trade unions, charities, third sector organisations, and public sector organisations for £50 for half a table and £100 for a full table and pull-up or other banner. Please email: for more information. 
We also have some shared free stalls for unfunded LGBTI+ organisations in Wales.

We’re also looking for raffle prizes and food donations. If you have any links or want to offer prizes please contact us at

We welcome support from volunteers. BiFest Wales relies on the support of volunteers to make the event a success and keep entry prices low.
Roles include:

  • Registration desk throughout the day and evening;
  • Meet and greet volunteers
  • Volunteers to help with the raffle and the bar
  • Helping us promote the event to the media, to different groups, getting leaflets and posters out there
  • Running or helping to facilitate a workshop or panel
  • Meeting people at the train and bus stations.
  • Welsh and BSL translation or interpretation
  • People to help us get raffle prize donations
  • Donating printing
  • Live music performers (rock, metal, punk, goth, industrial or other alternative style)