Posters and leaflets now available for BiFest Wales 2016

Posters and flyers for BiFest Wales 2016 on Saturday 14th May 2016 are available to download here.
We’re extremely grateful to anyone who can pass leaflets onto their friends or colleagues or display posters at work or to the public in any way.
Email to request copies and we’ll meet you or post copies to you if you are unable to print them in colour and in the stated sizes.

Thank you to Mat Robinson-Burt (who also volunteers for and G John Rees ( for volunteering their design work and to Huw Garan ( for volunteering Welsh translation.

A6 double-sided flyer (prints 4 per sheet):
PDF – A6_page1
PDF – A6_page2

A6 single double-sided flyer:
PDF – A6-Single(1)  A6-Single_page1  A6-Single_page2

A3 bilingual poster
PDF – BiFest2016-no-BLEED

A4 English only poster
PDF – BiFest2016ENA4-no-BLEED

A4 Cymraeg (Welsh) only poster
PDF – BiFest2016CYA4-no-BLEED(1)

First live acts announced for BiFest Wales 2016

As we look forward to BiFest Wales 2016 on Saturday 14th May we’re pleased to announce 2 of the acts who will be performing at the live alternative music part of the event 7:30pm to 11:45pm.

We’re still looking for 1 or 2 punk/grunge/rock/goth/ or rock and alternative acoustic acts to join the line up. Please email: to express your interest.

7:40pm – Not the only clown in the village – One man clown punk
Musical clown act.
Twitter: @rnbenson1
YouTube: Not the only clown in the village. Including:
My Space:
Not the only clown in the village logo

10pm – Etherian – Melodic Death Metal
Etherian is a Melodic Death Metal act, taking influence from films, video games and other popular culture, accented by low-tuned guitars, fast, thunderous drums, and a sweeping symphonic accompaniment.

BiFest Wales 2016 announced

BiFest Cymru/ Wales 2016 has been confirmed
Our annual one day event for bisexual people, friends, family, and allies of all orientations will take place on Saturday 14th May 2016 at Swansea YMCA.

Daytime: 12 noon until 6pm Entry: £2
Evening live alternative music event: 7:30pm until 11:45pm Entry: £4
Pay for both together for £5
Under 16s Free entry (must be accompanied by a responsible adult)

BiFest Cymru/Wales is a day-long event. During the day there will be:

  • Workshops on bi and related issues
  • Craft, games, and getting to know you workshops
  • A craft area
  • A meet and mingle area
  • Information on the bi community, groups and events
  • Information from other community groups and organisations
  • Social space
  • A raffle
  • Name the Bi Cymru unicorn competition
  • Light refreshments included in the entry price

In the evening we have a live alternative music event with DJs filling the gaps between performances. Performers include a clown opening the night, melodic death metal, and cyber industrial.
There will be a bar during the evening event.
Under 18s must be accompanied by a responsible adult and some of the acts are parental advisory, due to explicit lyrics.

More details will be on the website soon

Happy new year

Bi Cymru and the lcoal groups Bi Cardiff and Bi Swansea wish all our members, supporter, and allies a happy new year.
We’ve had a really successful 2015 thanks to everyone’s support and are looking forward to 2016.

Meeting dates for Bi Cardiff and details can be found here
Meeting dates for Bi Swansea and details can be found here

BiFest Wales will be held in Swansea YMCA on Saturday 14th May 2016. Details will be posted in the BiFest Wales section of this website as they are confirmed

Raffle Prizes announced for BiFest Wales this Saturday 9th May 2015

We’re pleased to announce the list of raffle prizes for the raffle in support of BiFest Wales, Bi Cymru and the local Bi Swansea and Bi Cardiff groups at BiFest Wales this Saturday 9th May, 12 noon to 11:45pm

We’re extremely grateful to everyone who’s donated prizes. Tickets will be available throughout BiFest Wales for 20p each or £1 a strip from committee and volunteers. You must be over 16 to enter. If you can’t be with us till the end no worries we’ll take contact emails and phone numbers and notify all winners asap after BiFest Wales

Prizes are:

  • 2 tickets for AshestoAngels / Vanity Kills / DrakenWerks gig 16+ at The Scene, Swansea on 16th May donated by DrakenWerks
  • 2 tickets for Be My Enemy / AlterRed 18+ at Fuel, Cardiff on 4th June donated by Off World Promotions
  • 2 tickets for Vince Ripper and the Rodent Show / WormHead  18+ at The Scene, Swansea on 20th June donated by Off World Promotions)
  • Between Waves CD donated by Between Waves
  • Catherine Elms CD donated by Catherine Elms
  • A bunch of Queer magazines donated by Catherine Elms
  • 2 tickets for Vue Cinema, Swansea donated by Vue Cinema
  • 2 tickers for Odeon Cinema, Swansea donated by Odeon Cinema
  • Ticket for 6 people to go bowling donated by Tenpin Swansea
  • 2 prizes of combo meal and drinks vouchers for Nando’s Swansea, donated by Nando’s
  • LC2 (Leisure Centre) pass for 4 people donated by LC2
  • 2 x £10 vouchers for Frankie and Benny’s Swansea, (used separately) donated by Frankie and Benny’s
  • £10 voucher for Frankie and Benny’s Swansea donated by Frankie and Benny’s
  • 2 bottles of wine donated by Unity Group Wales
  • 1 bottle of white wine
  • 1 car steering lock

Workshop timetable announced for BiFest Wales 2015 – Sat. 9th May, YMCA Swansea, 12 noon-6pm

We’re pleased to announce the full workshop timetable for BiFest Wales 2015.
Please download the delegate pack here, which will be given out on the day.
The daytime workshop, social space and community information event includes 2 streams of workshops. One focuses on bisexual issues the other is about having fun and meeting new people.
BiFest Wales welcomes everyone interested in bisexuality and supportive, whatever your own sexual orientation/sexuality.

Workshops are:

Time Workshop Room 1 Workshop Room 2
12:30 – 1:15pm All about bisexuality
1:30 – 2:15pm Introduction to Ethical non-monogamy and polyamory Craft workshop
2:15 – 3pm BREAK (refreshments and socialising in the Theatre)
3 – 3:45pm LGBT Hate crime project Fun and games
4 – 4:45pm Bisexuality in Welsh history Trans* Agony Aunt session
5 – 5:45 pm Bisexuality and mental health Informal getting to know you session at the meet and mingle table
6 -7:30pm BREAK for sound check – Only organisers and performers stay.
7:30pm – 11:45pm Live music event and DJs in the Theatre (main Bifest room)

Find out more about these workshops and what else is going on during the daytime event here
Find out more about the evening alternative live music event here
We also have pages on getting here and finding the venue, car parks and accommodation in Swansea; access, dietary and family arrangements and background information on BiFest Wales on the BiFest Wales section of this website here

First workshops confirmed – BiFest Wales 2015 – Sat. 9th May, YMCA Swansea, 12 noon-6pm, evening gig from 7:30pm

We are pleased to announced the first 3 workshops confirmed for the daytime BiFest Wales event 2015.

On Saturday 9th May 2015, supported by the YMCA Swansea the event kicks off at 12 noon with a daytime event packed full of craft and social space, community information, refreshments included and workshops till 6pm.

All for free (donations welcome)

The first 3 workshops confirmed are:
All about bisexuality – an introductory workshop at the start of BiFest Wales talking about different definitions of bisexuality, the bi community and events in Wales and the UK. Followed by a chance to ask those awkward questions you always wanted to, but didn’t feel comfortable to ask or didn’t know who to ask or anything you want to know.

Trans* Agony Aunt – Roxy Williams, Transgender in Wales (TiW) – a fun, interactive session with an introductory question and answer, followed by groups of participants having a go at answering trans* themed agony aunt letters. At the end of the session you’ll have a chance to write your own letter to the trans* agony aunt and have it answered by the group.

LGBT Hate Crime – Andrew Davies from Unity Group Wales presents a workshop to help people to identify and recognise LGBT hate crimes and hate incidents in all their forms (e.g. neighbour harassment, low level harassment, verbal abuse) And to encourage people to speak to someone about incidents that they have experienced with a view to increasing reporting. Presentation of the project and topic with a Q&A from the audience.

There will be 2 streams of workshops running throughout the day:

  • Workshops on bisexual issues and topics, activism, campaigns, and other topics
  • Fun and games, getting to know you, and craft workshops

We are currently inviting people to submit their workshop suggestions and offers to run workshops in the fun, getting to know you and craft stream, with a title and 1-2 sentence description.
If you’re interested in running a workshop or co-facilitating a workshop with someone else please email:

More details on the daytime event, with a range of posters and leaflets you can use to help us promote this important bi community run by Bi Cymru/Wales a constituted community group with charitable aims are here

More details on the evening alternative themed live music event with DJs at BiFest Wales 2015 from 7:30pm until 11:45pm £2 entry all ages are here

There’s also information on access, family and dietary requirements; hotels in the area; maps and venue information; and how to volunteer on the BiFest Wales section of this website

Final live music act confirmed for BiFest Wales 2015 – Sat. 9th May

We’re pleased to announce the final  live music act confirmed for BiFest Wales 2015. This brings to total number of live music acts in the evening to 4!
The evening event takes place after the daytime workshop and social event on Saturday 9th May 2015 at YMCA Swansea, 1 the Kingsway.
Doors: 7:30pm; First act: 8pm; Close: 11:45pm
£2 entry donation all ages.

The new act confirmed is:

Grim Citizens – Punk original and covers
A 3 piece welsh punk rock band with both a male and female vocalist.  Grim Citizens do varied covers as well as originals and are influenced by bands like Reuben and Alkaline Trio.
Check them out on Facebook:
And their music can be found here:
and on You tube:

We’re grateful to the performers for their support and hope many of you can join us for this amazing event.
More details on the evening can be found here
And on the daytime event here

Posters and leaflets for BiFest Wales 2015 available to download or request copies

BiFest Wales relies on the support of people who are interested, supporters, individuals and organisations to spread the word and get people involved.

Below is a range of leaflets and posters for you to print and display or download and send  by email to your contacts.

If you cannot print in colour on the stipulated size for whatever reason please contact and we’ll arrange to meet you or send you copies asap.

We are extremely grateful to anyone who’s happy to give leaflets to their friends, put a poster up at work, or spread the word any way you can.
Please feel free to print posters and leaflets or contact us for copies.

BiFest Wales 2015 – A6 bilingual colour double-sided flyer – (prints 4 per sheet on A4)
BiFest Wales 2015 – A3 bilingual colour poster
BiFest Wales 2015 – A4 Cymraeg (Welsh) colour poster
Bifest Wales 2015 – A4 English colour poster
BiFest Wales 2015 – A6 evening gig flyer – Bilingual double-sided black and white (prints 4 per sheet on A4)
BiFest Wales 2015 – A6 evening gig flyer – Cymraeg (Welsh) black and white – (prints 4 per sheet on A4)
BiFest Wales 2015 – A6 evening gig flyer – English black and white – (prints 4 per sheet on A4)

BiFest Wales 2015 leaflet - front cover photo  BiFest Wales 2015 - A6 leaflet- back side
BiFest Wales 2015 - A4 Cymraeg poster  Bifest Wales 2015 - A4 English poster
BiFest Wales 2015 Evening gig flyer - English  BiFest Wales 2015 Evening gig flyer - Cymraeg

First 3 evening live acts confirmed for BiFest Wales 2015 – Sat. 9th May, 7:30pm, YMCA Swansea

Bi Cymru/Wales are proud to announce the first 3 live music acts for the evening event of BiFest Wales 2015.
On Saturday 9th May 2015 from 7:30pm on the first floor of our supporting venue, YMCA Swansea, the evening event will feature a range of alternative themed live music acts.
All acts are performing for travel expenses only to support BiFest Wales and the bisexual community.
Enty: £2 donation on the door, all ages. Open to all ages, under 18s must be accompanied by an adult. Open to anyone bi supportive, whatever your sexuality.

The first live music acts announced are:
Catherine Elms – dark cabaret singer-songwriter & pianist
Between Waves – Female-fronted melodic rock.
and DOx (David Flipping) – Experimental Electronic/EBM

They will be supported by DJs Adrian and Draken from Dead of Night (Swansea’s dark alternative night, first Saturday every month in The Scene and Off World Promotions ( between the acts so you can continue to dance the night away.

Check them out, including more information and links to their music on our dedicated evening live music event page here

Catherine Elms – dark cabaret singer-songwriter & pianist
Catherine Elms is a singer/songwriter and pianist from Swansea, whose music combines heavy rock, dark cabaret, emotionally-charged melodies and idiosyncratic lyrics. Heavily influenced by Tori Amos, Kate Bush and Amanda Palmer, Catherine’s music has been described as dark, moving, adventurous, and honest.
Check her out: Facebook:

Between Waves – Female-fronted melodic rock.
Between Waves formed in May 2013. Sick of hearing the same old derivative and safe scream verse/ singing chorus format, Between Waves from day one were intent on creating a distinctive, original and powerful sound, with the key word being BIG!!
Between Waves uses tuneful female vocals to create story based compositions that are instantly relatable to even the most stubborn of listener. With a wide variety of songs Between Waves has something for everyone to rock out to.
Check them out on Facebook:
Twitter: @waves_between
You tube:

DOx (David Flipping) – Experimental Electronic/EBM
Imperfect Music For Imperfect People.
Check DOx out here:
On facebook :
Twitter: @DOxNH2