Bi Cymru/Wales is the All-Wales social support network for bi people, people attracted to more than one gender, and those who think they may be bi or attracted to more than one gender in Wales. We welcome anyone attracted to more than one gender, whatever term they use.

As well as supporting and promoting local groups; tackling social isolation; challenging biphobia and campaigning on bisexual issues we provide training to a wide range of organisations on Bisexual issues and Bisexual inclusion in policies, practices, procedures and on the ground.

All our training sessions are informed by discussions and research from and with bisexual people. All trainers also identify as bi or attracted to more than one gender.

We offer bespoke training tailored to the needs of your organisation including:

  • Defining bisexuality and related concepts
  • Understanding bisexuality
  • What bi issues exist and how to tackle them
  • Common myths and misconceptions
  • How to find and engage with bi people
  • Ensuring your organisation is bi inclusive
  • Bisexual inclusion in smaller workplaces
  • Tackling biphobia
  • Bi erasure and invisibility
  • Biphobic hate crime
  • Bisexual issues in healthcare
  • Bisexuality and mental health
  • Intersectionality and bi people

We will train anywhere in Wales, providing travel expenses and charges can be met. All money raised through training is invested in the activities of Bi Cymru/Wales.

Charges are for a workshop or training of 2 hours.  We will  train up to 20 people in a group for the fees below.  All charges do not include travel from Swansea or Cardiff. We will also charge travel as well.


  • £300 Private Sector
  • £200 Public Sector 
  • £150 Trade Union or similar    
  • £50 Charity or third/ voluntary sector

Email: for more information or to discuss booking Bi Cymru to deliver a session

If you’re interested in our training and want to discuss it with colleagues, your workplace, other organisations or have information available on stalls, at events, etc. you can download and print our training leaflet below:
Bi Cymru training leaflet – bilingual online version