About us

Bi Pride Flag

Bi Cymru/Wales

The all-Wales network for bisexual people and those who think they may be bi. We are a not-for-profit membership organisation run by bisexual people in Wales. We are entirely run by volunteers and reliant on donations and income from delivering training on bisexuality and bi issues in Wales, which is reinvested in community support and activities.

We were set up in 2007 by bi people who wanted a group to support other LGBT organisations to become more representative of bisexual people and their concerns and to provide a safe space for bi people in Wales to discuss our concerns.

Who are we for?

Bi Cymru welcomes anyone emotionally and/or sexually attracted to more than one gender, whatever they define as. Most socials and events are open to anyone bi supportive whatever their sexuality.


  1. To provide an all-Wales network to bring together bisexual people and people who think they may be bi from across Wales, tackling social isolation and providing peer support.
  2. To challenge biphobia and promote bisexual inclusion through providing training and a consultation network between bisexual people and decision-makers in Wales
  3. To promote, foster and support local independent bi groups in Wales

Information on Bi Cymru and our local groups is available in this leaflet:
Bi Cymru and local groups leaflet (English)
Bi Cymru and local groups leaflet (Cymraeg)