Bi Visibility Day 2018 – what will you do?

Bi Cymru/Wales are looking forward to Bi Visibility Day. Bi Visibility is the biggest and most important date celebrating bisexuality and challenging biphobia and bi erasure every year on 23rd September.

It’s the 20th annual Bi Visibility Day this September 23rd.

The date highlights bisexuality and the challenges posed by biphobia and bisexual erasure, as well as celebrating the work of a growing number of local, national and international organisations around the world which champion bisexual visibility and equality.

We’d love to know and support your plans for the day.

Post your events and find out more at and email with your plans. We can also send you resources and information on local groups and events in Wales.

If you’re an individual who wants to show your support for bi visibility take your photo with the bi pride or pan pride flags or with other bi or pan themed slogans and post it on social media on 23rd September using #bivisibilityday. We’d also love it if you could share your photos from Wales with or on the Bi Cymru/Wales, Bi Swansea or Bi Cardiff Facebook groups.

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