Posters and leaflets for BiFest Wales 2017 – Saturday 13th May

Posters and leaflets
BiFest Wales relies on the support of people who are interested, supporters, individuals and organisations to spread the word and get people involved.
Leaflets and posters for you to print and display or download and send  by email to your contacts will be available here soon.
If you cannot print in colour on the stipulated size for whatever reason please contact and we’ll arrange to meet you or send you copies asap.
We are extremely grateful to anyone who’s happy to give leaflets to their friends, put a poster up at work, or spread the word any way you can.

Many thanks to our volunteer designers:

Thank you also to our volunteer translator Huw Garan

Please feel free to print posters and leaflets or contact us for copies.

A6 single double-sided flyer

A6 flyer 4 per sheet. To be printed doub;e-sided on A4

BiFest Wales 2017 A6 flyer 4 per sheet Page 1 BiFest Wales 2017 A6 flyer 4 per sheet page 2
A6_4 per sheet Page2-2017   A6_page1

A3 bilingual colour poster

BiFest Wales 2017 - A3 poster - bilingual

A4 colour poster (English only)

BiFest Wales 2017 A4 Poster - English  BiFest Wales 2017 A4 Poster-English

A4 colour poster (Cymraeg/Welsh only)

BiFest Wales 2017 - A4 Poster - Cymraeg  BiFest Wales 2017 – A4 Poster – Cymraeg

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