First daytime workshops announced for BiFest Wales 2017 – Saturday 13th May 2017

The first workshops confirmed for BiFest Wales 2017 are:

All about bisexuality
An introductory workshop at the start of BiFest Wales talking about different definitions of bisexuality, the bi community and events in Wales and the UK. Followed by a chance to ask those awkward questions you always wanted to, but didn’t feel comfortable to ask or didn’t know who to ask or anything you want to know.

Make your own cat ears or floral headband
Suitable for all ages. Get together and make a fun cat ears or floral headband at the craft table. Instruction and guidance and materials provided. Donations welcome towards materials, but not needed.

Fitting and Mis-fitting in communities
This is a fun, interactive workshop, which will look at how people identify themselves beyond their sexual orientation. Where do you fit into the bi community? Do you feel alone or that you’re not the same as everyone else? This session will allow people to find other people with similar interests and make friends.

Getting involved
This workshop will discuss ways you can get involved in the Bi community in Wales and how we can make it better together. Roles discussed include making local groups happen, getting involved in BiFest Wales 2018, helping out at stalls and events, and a variety of areas from design and translation to talking to others.

A session playing interactive games with other BiFest Wales attendees. Get to know other BiFest Wales attendees while having fun.

Bisexuality in Welsh history
Norena Shopland from Draig Enfys LGBT Welsh history project . From the earliest times to the present there have been famous bisexual people in Wales. Who were they? Come and hear their fascinating stories as Norena Shopland introduces you to some people from Bi Wales’ past.

We still have space for one more bi themed workshop and one more social/fun workshop. Please email if you have any ideas or want to offer a workshop.

The timetable and all workshops will be announced on the daytime event page at least one week before BiFest Wales 2017.
We look forward to welcoming you on Saturday 13th May at YMCA Swansea, 12 noon to 6pm for the daytime event, 7:30pm to 11:30pm for the evening live alternative music gig.

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