First workshops confirmed for BiFest Wales 2016

We’re pleased to announce the first confirmed workshops for BiFest Wales 2016
The full timetable for the daytime 12 noon to 6pm on Saturday 14th May 2016 will be available a few weeks before the event.
Further details will be announced here and on the Facebook event

All about bisexuality
An introductory workshop at the start of BiFest Wales talking about different definitions of bisexuality, the bi community and events in Wales and the UK. Followed by a chance to ask those awkward questions you always wanted to, but didn’t feel comfortable to ask or didn’t know who to ask or anything you want to know.
Looking for a B movie
Mark Williams from the Iris Prize Festival and Iris in the Community project will be exploring the representation of bisexual people in film. Are there positive images out there?  With the Iris Prize now in its 10th year the organisers are concerned at the lack of complete bisexual storylines and characters in the submissions received, how could this change, what would you like to see in a film?
This interactive workshop is open to anyone who wishes to share their views and contribute to the debate, or to people who may be considering developing their own bisexual story in the near future.
Alternative subcultures and hate crime
Based on the Sophie Lancaster campaign this interactive workshop will explore how crimes targeted at people from alternative subcultures happen and can be addressed.
A session playing interactive games with other BiFest Wales attendees.
Get crafty together
Bring your knitting, crochet, arts and craft skills and ideas and share them with other BiFest attendees at the craft table. We’ll also be drawing our own bisexuals and having a chat. Some craft materials are supplied along with colouring and puzzle books for younger attendees. This session is family friendly and appropriate for people with no arts and crafts skills as well as experts.

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