Final call for people to run workshops at BiFest Wales 2016

BiFest Wales is entirely run by volunteers.
People with ideas and an interest in running workshops or fun session are very welcome.
Whether you’re an experienced facilitator, been to many bi community events, or are completely new and BiFest Wales will be your first event your input is welcome.
If you have an idea for a fun and interactive workshop where people get to know other BiFest Wales attendees, or want to facilitate the craft session, or want to run a workshop on a bi or related issue please email: asap.

All the musicians and performers at BiFest Wales, the designers, translators and registration desk are also volunteers. Without them we could not run BiFest Wales.

If you’re interested in volunteering on the day or in advance by:

  • Going to other groups to promote BiFest Wales
  • Donating a raffle prize
  • Displaying a poster
  • Handing flyers to your friends and/or colleagues
  • Professional Welsh translation
  • Photography
  • Meeting people at the train station and walking them over
  • Meeting and greeting people at BiFest Wales
  • Helping on the registration table at BiFest Wales

Please email:

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