2 acts announced for the evening live music event at BiFest Wales 2016 – 14th May

We’re pleased to announce 2 acts for the evening, live alternative music gig at BiFest Wales 2016. More details here

9pm – Cathars – Post-punk / goth rock
This is the disillusioned generation. We live in a world of broken promises and lies. The old systems are failing and new ways are being sought. Out of turmoil comes a fresh voice.Cathars is the brain child of Cardiff based musical duo Matt Hopkins (guitar and vocals) and Lyndon Carroll (bass). After a musical partnership over several years and multiple bands, we saw long untapped musical grounds in the post-punk / hard rock sounds of the 80’s and decided to fuse these with lyrics and themes that mirrored the austerity stricken social landscape that surrounded us.
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CatharsCardiff
Bandcamp: https://cathars-uk.bandcamp.com/

Cathars logo Cathars banner

11pm – DrakenWerks – Welsh industrial/EBM/Something else?
DrakenWerks is a Welsh music artist specialising in Industrial / EBM / Something Else genre of music. New album, No Prisoners, due out May.

DrakenWerks is the creative electornic project of Draken, Goth and Industrial DJ and Promoter from South Wales. A distinctly different yet highly danceable mixture of sounds makes each DrakenWerks track stand out from the rest. DrakenWerks has played a number of times live, having supportted bands inside and out of Wales including V2A, AshestoAngel, Ayria, Inertia, 3 Teeth and Alien Vampires, where Draken is joined on stage by Zerostar and Kelly on the synths.

In 2015, DrakenWerks released their new single, Suck it up M***er F***er, an extremely popular single that has sold world wide and seen their numbers of fans soar. In the first part of 2016, DrakenWerks will be releasing their next album, No Prisoners, featuring a number of the songs they play live plus many more. Both the single and album have benefitted from bringing on board a professional and professional producer in the shape of Gregor Beyerle (Formerly of Modulate, currently of Repear and Skyla Vertex and also live synths in L’ame Immortelle and Nachtmahr) and his Dreamcatcher Studio to really give the new tunes some real dance floor shaking kick.

This is only the beginning for DrakenWerks, there is a lot more stuff in the pipeline for release over the next coming years, including a complete rebuild of the first album and DrakenWerks third album due out in 2017.
Facebook: www.facebook.com/drakenwerks
Website: www.drakenwerks.com
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/steven-draken-pickard/
Bandcamp: https://drakenwerks.bandcamp.com/
Contact (all enquiries): kilamatara@yahoo.co.uk
DrakenWerks Title  DrakenWerks Logo

On Saturday 14th May these acts will be joining Etherian and Not the only clown in the village performing live. DJ Gwilym will continue the music between live acts.
Evening gig is doors 7:30pm, first act 7:40pm, ends 11:45pm

Leaflets are available to download and print for the evening gig. Thanks to our designer G John Rees www.gjohnrees.com who like all the bands has donated his time and skills to make the event a success

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