First workshops confirmed – BiFest Wales 2015 – Sat. 9th May, YMCA Swansea, 12 noon-6pm, evening gig from 7:30pm

Bifest Wales 2015 - A4 English poster

We are pleased to announced the first 3 workshops confirmed for the daytime BiFest Wales event 2015.

On Saturday 9th May 2015, supported by the YMCA Swansea the event kicks off at 12 noon with a daytime event packed full of craft and social space, community information, refreshments included and workshops till 6pm.

All for free (donations welcome)

The first 3 workshops confirmed are:
All about bisexuality – an introductory workshop at the start of BiFest Wales talking about different definitions of bisexuality, the bi community and events in Wales and the UK. Followed by a chance to ask those awkward questions you always wanted to, but didn’t feel comfortable to ask or didn’t know who to ask or anything you want to know.

Trans* Agony Aunt – Roxy Williams, Transgender in Wales (TiW) – a fun, interactive session with an introductory question and answer, followed by groups of participants having a go at answering trans* themed agony aunt letters. At the end of the session you’ll have a chance to write your own letter to the trans* agony aunt and have it answered by the group.

LGBT Hate Crime – Andrew Davies from Unity Group Wales presents a workshop to help people to identify and recognise LGBT hate crimes and hate incidents in all their forms (e.g. neighbour harassment, low level harassment, verbal abuse) And to encourage people to speak to someone about incidents that they have experienced with a view to increasing reporting. Presentation of the project and topic with a Q&A from the audience.

There will be 2 streams of workshops running throughout the day:

  • Workshops on bisexual issues and topics, activism, campaigns, and other topics
  • Fun and games, getting to know you, and craft workshops

We are currently inviting people to submit their workshop suggestions and offers to run workshops in the fun, getting to know you and craft stream, with a title and 1-2 sentence description.
If you’re interested in running a workshop or co-facilitating a workshop with someone else please email:

More details on the daytime event, with a range of posters and leaflets you can use to help us promote this important bi community run by Bi Cymru/Wales a constituted community group with charitable aims are here

More details on the evening alternative themed live music event with DJs at BiFest Wales 2015 from 7:30pm until 11:45pm £2 entry all ages are here

There’s also information on access, family and dietary requirements; hotels in the area; maps and venue information; and how to volunteer on the BiFest Wales section of this website

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